Our Process

Our teams are small, efficient, and equipped to serve clients anywhere in the world. Our foundation is built on a deep understanding of your vision and goals for seamless design and development. We ensure clients are confident every step of the way with weekly stand-ups and shipping a product on time and on budget.


Every great success starts with a plan
  • Establish project requirements
  • Develop basic wireframes and a sitemap
  • Plan a timeline for project completion
  • Planning is a crucial step for a successful product launch. In the planning phase we work with you to answer the “what” and “why” questions of the project and move on to the “how” and “when.” Here we will determine what aspects of a project fall into your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in order to start developing solutions right away. Establishing project requirements is always the step that needs to be done first to create a realistic price estimate.



    Form meets function
  • Establish a brand style for colors and aesthetic
  • Create great UI/UX for your product
  • Clickable Prototype
  • In the design stage we take the functions discussed in the planning phase and give them form. In this phase we work to create a design for your project that matches your company’s voice and style. We use collaborative tools that allow you to view our designs and even click through them as if they were a functioning app or website. After a design is agreed on we can move on to the next step.



    Thoughts come to life
  • Relevant and proven technologies
  • Transform designs into a useable product
  • Efficient results
  • The phase many people start too hastily. With a clear plan and design, we have the recipe for success. In the development phase we take what is on paper and turn it into a reality. For mobile applications we use React Native to build cross platform mobile apps. This means that the same codebase is used both for your iOS and Android app, greatly reducing the development timeline. For desktop applications we use Electron+React or React Native to get the job done. Lastly, for browser-only applications we use ReactJS to build a great experience.

    Most applications require saving information to a database or the cloud. We build custom API solutions with User Authentication and other features to meet the needs of your project. We also integrate existing 3rd party solutions when they are a great fit for your product.


    Collaboration and Quality Assurance

    From version 0.0.1 to 0.0.2
  • Collaboration in all phases
  • Weekly meetings
  • Bug fixes and pivots
  • We believe that communication is crucial. During our planning phase we will establish a repeating scheduled meeting time to review progress, answer questions, and take note of any required changes. In addition to a weekly meeting, we incrementally release testing builds and environments so you can use the product with your own hands before it is finished. If a design change is needed, this process allows us to make the change while it is still easy to do so. In addition, an incremental approach allows us to find any issues with the code and fix them before the product release.

    We use a collaboration and task tracking tool to keep the team up to date. Regular status updates are posted along with screenshots, videos and notes to help everyone stay current with the progress of the build.



    Oh, the places you'll go.
  • Hosting and Deployment
  • iOS and Google Play Stores
  • After launch support
  • The step everyone has been waiting for. Depending on the size of the project we may have been envisioning this day for weeks or months. We will help you understand how and where your website will be hosted on the internet. If we are building a mobile app, we will help you to understand the requirements for having a presence on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store.

    Although the project has launched, this is not the end of our story. Like your HVAC system, teeth or automobile - your website/app will need routine maintenance to stay up-to-date, healthy and issue free. We’ll work with you to establish a plan of how we can support you in the future.

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